Like when chocolate met peanut butter, gin met Tonic or even John met Paul… Some combinations not only make perfect sense, but the combination of the parts creates a greater whole. Chris Bianco believes in collaboration within the community he supports, through ideas and ventures he loves.

By joining forces, and merging experience and resources, the results can be sublime and unexpected. Bianco isn’t looking to take over the food scene, but working together with contemporaries and other food lovers to expand, and excite the community and bring great experiences and tastes.


More than a decade ago, Chris joined with third generation canner Rob DiNapoli to create a line of organic whole peeled tomatoes. Bianco DiNapoli Tomatoes are organically grown and harvested in northern California. Long summer days and fertile soil produce these very unique & delicious tomatoes. Within hours of harvest, our plum- shaped tomatoes are washed, steam-peeled and hand selected at the cannery. Each can is packed with a touch of sea salt, organic basil then topped in its own juices.

Bianco DiNapoli continues to expand their product line to include a lineup of crushed tomatoes as well as a ready to serve jarred tomato sauce, as well as several other restaurant and consumer products.

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Jacob Cutino had a recipe for some damn tasty hot sauce. It wasn’t all about heat, it was really all about flavor. Crafting his recipes over time he decided to launch Homeboy’s HotSauce, and to the delight of hot sauce lovers everywhere, Homeboys took off.

Growing quickly, Homeboys decided to make a push for national marketing and distribution, this would require a partnership, and Bianco was the perfect match.

The name was changed to bring more emphasis to Jacob and his efforts, but the sauces remained full flavored. This hot sauce isn’t about burning your tongue off, but they are all about waking and exciting your tastebuds. Cutino and Bianco… TasteBuds…

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